Bus Driver Opportunities

We do occasionally have positions for route and casual bus drivers.
To be considered for any upcoming driving positions you will need the following licences:

  1. Minimum Medium Rigid Driving licence
  2. Working with Children’s licence.
  3. D.C. (Taxi directorate licence)

Without all three of these licences your application will not be considered. Experience with large vehicles is always an added bonus.

Although we tend to advertise any future positions in our local papers many drivers prefer to send their resume’s into us by post or email. We welcome this and all resumes are taken into consideration when positions become available. However, we do only keep them on file for 3 months so please feel free to reapply.

Email: cdctullamarine@cdcbus.com.au
Our address: 1-13 Louis Street, Airport West, 3042


Taxi Driver Opportunities

Cabways, Taxi Staffing Service began over 30 years ago and has grown to be the largest independently owned and operated taxi depot in Melbourne. They provide a unique opportunity for one stop training leading to a successful career as a taxi driver.

They offer an experienced management team, flexible shift hours once your course is satisfactorily completed, a reliable and well maintained fleet of vehicles and ongoing training and support.

You will receive direct access to operating taxi’s, see first hand how a working depot operates and experience the industry in a “hands on” fashion. Experience this all in a well equipped training facility in the largest depot in Melbourne.

Give them a call on (03) 9330 3231

They will be happy to guide you in an alternative career.

Before enrolling in the Course in Taxi Driving, applicants need to obtain a Taxi Driver Training Passport.

Before they can start driving a taxi, applicants must:

  • Successfully complete the Course in Taxi Driving and the Knowledge of Melbourne test
  • Get their Taxi Driver Training Passport endorsed by the registered training organisation
  • Pay the Driver Accreditation issue fee.

Applicants for the Course in Taxi Driving must have the required level of English literacy to be a taxi driver and to undertake the taxi driving course.
The registered training organisation that runs the taxi driving course can assist in arranging an English literacy assessment for each applicant.

Call us:

1-13 Louis Street,
Airport West VIC

Ph. 9330 3231